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Update email type using imported list

I have a list of emails that have hard-bounced, and would like to use Importomatic to match them to existing RE records. When a match is found, I would like to mark the email as DNC and Inactive (I've got this part down), then change the email type from Email to Bounced Do Not Use.  The latter part has me stumped. I blame the end of year crush turning my brain to mush.  What am I forgetting to do?

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I don't think you can actually change the type of a phone/email using IOM (at least not without some customization).

It is generally going to use the Type for matching, not for updating.

Let's say you have a record with email that is Type GoodEmail. If you look for with Type GoodEmail then it will find that email and update it (with DNC for example). If you look for with Type BadEmail (in an attempt to change the type) it will find the record based on the email match, but will not actually match the email entry because the type is different. It would create a duplicate of the email address with the new BadEmail type marked as DNC and leave the original one alone.

At least that's how I think it all works!
That's correct, phone matching happens based on the type. We have a uservoice suggestion to match based on the actual number or email address and I would encourage you to add a vote:

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Well, it's disappointing that I can't update the email type using IOM (800-some bad emails will take a while to update manually) but there's some small comfort in knowing I haven't just forgotten something important...

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If you have 7.95+ then you could also add a comment to the number when you make it DNC that you could subsequently query for in order to do a global change in RE.
Mwah! I LOVE you!
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