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Mapping New format of RE 7.95

We recently updated our RE version to 7.95 which now has the new address format of the tabbed breakouts.  I'm trying to import a website address into an org record which in under the "Links" address tab.  I do not see this mapping within the profiles.  Do I need to do update anything on my end within IOM for this new mapping?  Or does this mapping live somewhere in the profile options?

Hi Stephanie,

You don't need to change your mapping. As long as the value lives in the RE phone type table as a phone number type of "Link" you can have it mapped to a phone number, an email, or an "other" phone number. For example you could have it set to a record type of Constituent Phone - Number with a value type of Web Address (assuming you have web address set as a type of "Link" within your phone table) and it will show up on the Links address tab.



Great, thank you!  That worked- I was looking for a mapping that had "link" somewhere in the field.  Thanks for your help!

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