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Multiple Solicitors on an Action

I've created a profile to import actions with an action note. Originally, the actions had only 1 solicitor so I created the profile to match. The data imported with no problems. I'm having trouble importing an action with more than 1 solicitor. After watching the tutorial video and reading the user manual, I altered my profile like so:



Which gives me exceptions every time!

How do I build my profile (and data file) to accommodate multiple solicitors?

Any help is much appreciated!



Hi Dyonna,

Change the relationship group number for column L to be 1 as well. The number in this column groups the pieces of the action together, allowing you to import multiple actions at the same time. You would use 2 if you were bringing in a second action. Because both solicitors belong to the same action, they both receive the number 1.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you,
Omatic Software

That was simple enough! And it worked!! Thank you, Amanda!!

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