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Membership Processing

This may seem like a petty question, but our membership category names are long and similar to each other (ex. Household, Household +1, Household +1 +CG, Household +2) .

Is there anyway to increase the window size of the category column in the imported membership area in the membership processing form permanently? After the 5000+ time daily to manually increase the column width to read what category it is in order to determine transaction/transaction type, it's tedious. Maxing the window only increases the dues section and only for that record.

Also is there a keyboard shortcut for update selected? I believe I read "alt u" someplace, but couldn't get it to work.

Hi Lisa,

The following hotkeys can be used in the membership processing form:

ALT+B  Apply Default Benefits
ALT+V  View Data
ALT+K  Skip Row
ALT+U  Update Selected
ALT+A  Add as New


You can create a user voice suggestion to have the columns in the membership form sticky so that if you resize them, they stay that way for the duration of the import.  This way other users can vote and add comments.  You can access User Voice by clicking on the Feedback button in IOM or by clicking here.




BTW - you will need to be on IOM version 3.0 or higher to have hotkeys in the membership processing form.  They are in the duplicate search form in 2.x but we added them to all of the other interactive forms in v3.  Sorry if that caused any confusion.



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