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Spouse Matching

I'm not sure if this is just something that I noticing now or it's new but I am getting spouses overwritten :(


Here is the situation


I import a gift from John & Jane Doe

Import File:

First Name: John

Last Name: Doe

Spouse First Name: Jane

Spouse Last Name: Doe


In RE I have a record with Jane Doe as the primary and John Doe as a non-constituent spouse


When I import the file IOM pops up a choice of matching to John Doe/Jane Doe (with little rings) or Jane Doe/John Doe so I pick the one with rings since it lines up correctly.


But now when I open up the record it now says John Doe & John Doe :(


Also, it doesn't give me the pop-up about changing the bio fields on the spouse record.  Maybe I am missing something?

Posted By Sue Edward on 24 Mar 2015 11:34 AM
Do you still prefer an option when matching to a non-constituent spouse record that it only write bio/address info the the non-constituent spouse and write all other data to the full constituent? 

In the organization I'm with, wives DO NOT get constituent records (unless there is no knowledge of the husband).

Any gifts, from the spouse, are attached to the main constituent's record.

I would be interested in having this, as an option.


Hi Joshua,
Please create a User Voice entry to make automatic spouse promotion optional so that we can track it.


We are in the process of adding patient data into our database, and there will be many that match to non-constituent spouses.  I'm testing the file right now, and while the profile is identifying the non-constituent spouse, it is not promoting them, even though I have that option selected in the profile.  

Am I correct in understanding that having certain criteria in the import file will trigger the promotion of the non-constituent spouse?  Currently, we are only adding bio/address information and constituent attributes.  It sounds like we do not have the data trigger in the file to make the promotion happen.  

I'm thinking our only other options are to treat them as exceptions and do them manually in the future (not ideal), or to attempt to promote all of our living non-constituent spouses using the elevator before embarking on this import.  Our initial import file will be over 100K records and then will be maintained weekly at about 100-200 records.



Hi Melissa,

What version of  IOM are you using?  We found an issue where importing attributes to the non-constituent spouse was not promoting the record when it should.  That was fixed in so if you are on an older version, updating to the latest should fix this for you.  Please let us know if that solves your issue.


We're using version

I wonder if it is because we are using it as a list management profile with the setting to not automatically add new constituents.

Basically, if you don't already exist in Raiser's Edge (as a full constituent or a spouse of a constituent), we are adding you to list management as a "sub" database. We're doing this to eliminate the hospital's IT department from having to send us patient files (that we have to format) every time we do an appeal. We don't want those people as full constituents until they make a gift or have an event participation.

So could the profile be cancelling itself out, by us asking it to not promote new records as full constituents, and asking it to promote spouses at the same time?

I've started the elevation process on our 25,000 non-constituent spouses (because we've been needing to do that anyway).

Hi Melissa,

I've been running into the same problem with our patient file, that we import into List Management. We are running 3.2 and in re-reading the documentation to see if I had a setting wrong that was preventing the non-constituent spouse from getting promoted to a full constituent, I came across this: "If you have the List Management module and are importing Wendy into a LM list, any non-bio/address information is written to Robert regardless of these settings.  Wendy will still be added to the list."


This is exactly our problem and sounds like it is by design. I've had to manually promote those constituents, so the non-bio information was on their record.


Omatic is there any plans to provide the same functionality in List Management to promote the non-constituent to Full Constituent?


Jonathan Meester

Foundation Application Systems Analyst

OSF Healthcare Foundation

Hi Jonathan & Melissa,

Yes, that's correct. Currently List Management will import a row that is matched to a non-constituent spouse as a non-constituent in a list (it will not promote them to a full constituent).

We added additional non-constituent spouse matching capabilities in version 3.0 of IOM:

So you are needing for List Management to also take advantage of these new settings?


Hi Emily,

I'm thinking yes, but maybe I'm missing something. 


I'm importing weekly patient files using List Management and often times it's a non-constituent spouse that was the patient. When I go to add an Action that contains all the relevant information about that particular discharge, if I don't promote the non-constituent spouse to a full constituent, the action ends up on the full constituent spouse who wasn't a patient.


This affects who gets pulled into our biweekly meetings then. I don't necessarily need all of these non-constituent spouses promoted, but I do need the Action to reside on the non-constituent spouse.


Any suggestions?




Hi Jonathan,

That makes sense. As you know, Raiser's Edge non-constituents cannot have Actions associated with them but List Management non-constituents can. The way the non-constituent spouse matching works today, it is assuming that it is a RE non-constituent and not considering the special data that LM non-constituents can have.

So I think we need to do a few things for this feature in List Management:

1. Enable the options that are available in IOM for non-constituent spouse matching for LM :
Match to the non-constituent spouse record and add non-biographical data to the full constituent
Promote the spouse to a full constituent
Treat the data row as an exception

2. When using this option "Match to the non-constituent spouse record and add non-biographical data to the full constituent", use different criteria for 'non-biographical data'. In other words, if the data can be tracked on a LM non-constituent, then add it to the LM member rather than the full constituent spouse (in your case, Action data).

What do you think?

Hi Emily,

I'm following you up to the point where I can "use different criteria for 'non-biographical data'" What data can be tracked on an LM non-constituent and how do I choose to do that? For every patient, we add an Action, along with Financial Information and Rating on the Prospect tab. I set the option to "Match to the non-constituent spouse record and add non-biographical data to the full constituent," but can't find where I can make the Action stay with the LM non-constituent.

Hi Jonathan,

Sorry for the confusion. You can't currently make the Action stay with the LM non-constituent. I was proposing a change to LM to allow for this.

To answer your question, the data that a LM non-constituent cannot have is:

Is an honor memorial
Has a solicitor

If this data is present, the record must be a full constituent in LM. In your case (actions & Prospect data), these records can be LM non-constituent records. The issue is that normal (non-LM) non-constituents cannot have this data, so IOM is writing that data to the full constituent spouse.

The change that I proposed is that LM imports would work differently from IOM imports. If importing using LM, and you had this option selected "Match to the non-constituent spouse record and add non-biographical data to the full constituent" the only data that would be added to the full constituent spouse, would be this data:

Is an honor memorial
Has a solicitor

So the action would stay with the LM non-constituent but if the file contained a gift, that gift would be added to the full constituent spouse.

How does that sound?

That's sounds great Emily.

I think it would fit well with how a lot of organizations are handling their Grateful Patient programs and how Matt and Baird talked about the Grateful Patient Solution at BBCON. At least from my recollection.

Thanks for all the help,
Great! We plan on releasing this change in February. I will keep you posted!

Hi Wayne,

Do you have the option turned on to search for relationships under Relationships--> Individual?

I'm checking with product development on this as there appears to be an issue with the code. I've created a support case for you and will reach out from there momentarily.

Thank you,
Omatic Support
I have just decided to blank out all Spouse import data if there is an existing spouse on the RE record until this gets sorted out.
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