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Spouse Matching

I'm not sure if this is just something that I noticing now or it's new but I am getting spouses overwritten :(


Here is the situation


I import a gift from John & Jane Doe

Import File:

First Name: John

Last Name: Doe

Spouse First Name: Jane

Spouse Last Name: Doe


In RE I have a record with Jane Doe as the primary and John Doe as a non-constituent spouse


When I import the file IOM pops up a choice of matching to John Doe/Jane Doe (with little rings) or Jane Doe/John Doe so I pick the one with rings since it lines up correctly.


But now when I open up the record it now says John Doe & John Doe :(


Also, it doesn't give me the pop-up about changing the bio fields on the spouse record.  Maybe I am missing something?

Hi Wayne,

Do you have the option turned on to search for relationships under Relationships--> Individual?

I'm checking with product development on this as there appears to be an issue with the code. I've created a support case for you and will reach out from there momentarily.

Thank you,
Omatic Support
I have just decided to blank out all Spouse import data if there is an existing spouse on the RE record until this gets sorted out.


I've been noticing the same thing lately. I was going to do some investigating next month once things got back to normal around here. I'm glad I'm not the only one having this issue.

Greg Burton

Be careful Greg, this will overwrite, without warning, your current spouse records (Depending on your settings). I just turned off the spouse part of the import for now since I didn't want to screw things up. For example, I was ending up with a lot of records where the primary and the spouse had the same name because the record came in with the names flipped. This bug just deletes the old spouse and replaces the name without warning!

Check your DB for records with the same primary and spouse first name to be sure.
Hi Omatic...Has this issue been fixed yet? This is concerning!

Hi Brad,

That's a fair question. We recently addressed this issue, and added some new options, in a version to be released early next month. Here is the new setting we added, along with a description of the functionality from the documentation:



Record Matching

When the record mapped as the constituent has more than bio/address info and is matched to a non-constituent spouse

This option applies when importing a record that is mapped as the constituent in the import file and the data includes more than basic bio and address information, and that record is matched to an existing non-constituent spouse.  


For example, your database includes Robert Hernandez as a constituent and Wendy as his non-constituent spouse.  Wendy Hernandez donates online.  When you import your online donations, Wendy is imported as the constituent along with her gift information.  During the import, you match Wendy to her existing non-constituent record.



Treat the data row as an exception

If selected, the row will be treated as an exception for you to manage later.

Promote the spouse to a full constituent

If selected, Wendy’s record will be promoted to a full constituent and a new gift will be added to her record.  Select the option to Soft Credit for spouse’s gifts to have Robert’s existing gifts soft credited to Wendy at this time.

If Wendy is mapped as the constituent but the imported data only includes bio and address information (ie, fields that are accessible via the relationship form), matching to her non-constituent spouse record will NOT promote her record.

Why no option to put the gift on the main record & leave the names as they are? That's pretty much how it worked originally (since you could just ignore the name changes with the bio edit form)

This would be especially helpful when the email address that comes with the data is already on the primary record.
Hi Wayne,

Promoting the non-constituent upon matching when there is more than bio/address info spouse keeps the history of his/her activity intact. Using the above example, if Wendy makes a donation but the gift is imported to Robert's record, you won't know that it came from Wendy. This would apply to other data too - if Wendy registers for an event or a class but the event info was imported to Robert's record, you now have incorrect registration info because it would be in Robert's name. Same if Wendy became a member. Same if Wendy volunteered, etc. For these reasons IOM can now automatically promote the spouse upon matching without all of the manual steps that were required before (previously you had to open the spouse record, manually promote it, save it, search for it and add it to the dupe search results, and then finally match to it).

Do you still prefer an option when matching to a non-constituent spouse record that it only write bio/address info the the non-constituent spouse and write all other data to the full constituent?

Maybe I am confused about what bio/address info is.

Does gift info count? Email address?

Hi Wayne,

The info we are referring to by "Bio/Address Info" is anything that can be written to the non-constituent relationship record, such as name, alias, address, phone, email, etc while keeping that record a non-constituent.

Any other data (gift, membership, etc) requires that the record be a full constituent.  So we added the option is to promote the non-constituent spouse to a full constituent in order to import the data to his/her record.  The other option is to create an exception.


Previously, this data wrote to the full constituent spouse, even though that is not how it was mapped for the import (for example, if Wendy was mapped as the constituent along with gift information, the gift was not written to Wendy's record; this resulted in Robert being recognized as the donor even though Wendy gave the gift.)  



Posted By Sue Edward on 24 Mar 2015 11:34 AM
Do you still prefer an option when matching to a non-constituent spouse record that it only write bio/address info the the non-constituent spouse and write all other data to the full constituent? 

In the organization I'm with, wives DO NOT get constituent records (unless there is no knowledge of the husband).

Any gifts, from the spouse, are attached to the main constituent's record.

I would be interested in having this, as an option.


Hi Joshua,
Please create a User Voice entry to make automatic spouse promotion optional so that we can track it.


We are in the process of adding patient data into our database, and there will be many that match to non-constituent spouses.  I'm testing the file right now, and while the profile is identifying the non-constituent spouse, it is not promoting them, even though I have that option selected in the profile.  

Am I correct in understanding that having certain criteria in the import file will trigger the promotion of the non-constituent spouse?  Currently, we are only adding bio/address information and constituent attributes.  It sounds like we do not have the data trigger in the file to make the promotion happen.  

I'm thinking our only other options are to treat them as exceptions and do them manually in the future (not ideal), or to attempt to promote all of our living non-constituent spouses using the elevator before embarking on this import.  Our initial import file will be over 100K records and then will be maintained weekly at about 100-200 records.



Hi Melissa,

What version of  IOM are you using?  We found an issue where importing attributes to the non-constituent spouse was not promoting the record when it should.  That was fixed in so if you are on an older version, updating to the latest should fix this for you.  Please let us know if that solves your issue.


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