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Spacing as the first character in a suffix


I've been playing with the dictionary function and haven't had any luck allowing it to import spaces as the first character in my suffix.  In cases where " Jr., MD" is what I'm trying to import, it seems to remove that initial space and that forces an exception since there isn't a "Jr., MD" in the database, only what I'm trying to import.  I'd like to see if there's a way to have it import this suffix exactly as is with that space at the beginning.  How, short of creating each of these suffix types and going back later to globally change them, can I do this?

We have a dictionary like that, but we use commas in front of the suffixes. So Jr. Would translate to , Jr.
Hi Tim,

As you've discovered, ImportOmatic trims spaces off input values because superfluous spaces very frequently exist in some of these data sources, and by far and large this has been a good thing. I actually remember discussing this with a developer over 5 years ago wondering if it would affect anything, and this is the first instance we've had where it's been an issue. I've talked with the dev team to see if there might be a way around this but we haven't come up with anything. Have you been able to work around this issue? I don't know that we've run into any other orgs that begin their suffixes with a space, and I think a space could be added to your formulas for add/sals rather than including them with the suffix value itself.

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