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Gift Attributes in Import

Hello! We have a couple gift attributes we want to import with our current profile we use to import online gifts from Lumintate. Currently, we need to manually add that data to the import file for it to populate in batch. If we don't manually add it, we have to select it for every single gift (since it's RE and you can't auto-fill these fields). I have RE Batch set to default what attributes I want added to each gift, but IOM ignores that default. I pulls in other defaults (such as Pay Method, Gift Type, etc), but it always ignores it on these attributes.


Is there a way around this, or am I always going to have to tweak my import file before importing?

Two options here:

1) You can assign a default set for gifts in the IOM profile which can set any number of things including attributes.

2) You can set up virtual columns in the IOM profile to create (or update) the attributes.

Method 1 is good for attributes that are always going to be the same for all of the gifts. Method 2 is good for attributes that will have different values for each gift.
A default set will not allow me to do a gift attribute - only a constituent attribute. How would one set up a virtual column for this?

Hi Katie,

You would create a gift default set to add the gift attribute. This will then be applied in your profile under Defaults--> New Gifts

For the virtual field, you first right click within Virtual Fields and choose "Insert virtual field". Map as:

Field Name =
Record Type = Gift Attribute - Description
Value Type =
Function = Static Field (field name)

Static Field tells IOM to import the value you've entered in the field name.


Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you,
Omatic Software

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