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Importing SSN

We have an attribute update we are running on a regular basis, and would like to include SSN in this import because many of these records we are updating do not currently have SSN.  When I try to run a test, the SSN is coming up as a "mismatch" to blank, launching the side by side comparison.  Is there a way we can import all these SSNs without having to approve each one?  Setting up the profile to "Skip rows requiring user interaction" pops an exception, and when we don't skip rows requiring user interaction, we have to click "ok" for each one in the side by side comparison.  There are, literally, thousands of these.  

Each record has an RE ID, so we are not concerned about mismatches.  



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Hi Melissa,

In your IOM profile, go to Constituents in the left side navigation pane. Uncheck Use side by side comparison utility for updating bio fields. You can also select just Bio1 other fields:


Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Omatic Software

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