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RegEx or Custom Function for Date

Hello - 


I've been searching the forum posts but haven't quite found the answer to what I need.  On a profile, I need to add a Virtual Field (Action Date) that will populate if (and only if) there is a specific value in one of the other Fields. 

There are actually several options I have with this - I just can't seem to make anything work! 

First, I need VF Column AC to populate with either the current date or the date that is found in regular field Column A.

Then, I need VF Column AC to populate if and only if either regular field Column T equals a specific value or if VF Column AB equals a specific value. The value for VF Column AC should remain blank in all other cases.

I have tried my hand at a custom function, but keep getting an error that the column can't be found.

Any and all help would be appreciated!


Thank you,


Never mind! I got the custom function to work - it simply required that I close out of ImportOmatic entirely. Then, when I reopened, it was able to compile (or whatever) and now it works

If any one is interested, Here is the custom function code I used (I wanted the VF to return the date in Column A if (and only if) Column T had the value "Sent Info.")
Public Function ComputedColumn_635896764362463049( _
ByVal oField as ImportOM.API.iField, _
ByVal Cancel As ImportOM.API.iCancel) As String
Dim SReturn As String = ""
If oField.Value = "Sent Info." Then
sReturn = import.Fields.GetbyExcelName("A").Value
End If
Return sReturn
End Function
Nice job Rachel!
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