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How to void duplicates importing constituents with same address, but different email

IOM very often to create new records when constituent has same address, but different email.

Is any set up problem?



Thank you for your response.
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I sent another question today.


I am Catherine Han, working for Daily Bread Food Bank. Recent we updated Raiser’s Edge 7.95. All emails and phones moved from address block to Bio1 phone/email tab. We use omatic to import outsource data to Raiser’s Edge. If donor has new email/phone, old email/phone will be changed to achived email/phone and add to preferred address attribute tab.  not Bio1 phone/email area, but I though it should be: mark old phone inactive and add new phone in Bio email/phone tab.

Which one it should be/ Please let me know.

It’s my format below:



Hi Catherine,

I see we answered your internal case but wanted to post the answer here on the forums as well.  Currently the ability to mark an old phone number as inactive while adding the new phone number to the Bio 1 tab is not available in ImportOmatic regardless of the Raiser's Edge version you are running.


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