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3.2 scheduler with Exports/Connectors



I'm curious as to how the IOM Scheduler can work with new export/connectors functions. At the moment the User Guide only guides how process a file. Will there be functionality to schedule imp/exp and/or User Guide to be updated?


Hi Brad,

You are correct. You can schedule exports to run automatically as of IOM version

More information can be found in our Help file here:$Command%20Line%20Processing

Are there any updates on this?  From brief testing, exports do seem to work with the scheduler, as long as you leave off the file input selection (-f) from the bat file.  Are there any unintended consequences? 
Hi Chinh,

Yes, IOM Scheduler currently works for importing with Connectors. We are looking into updating Scheduler to work with Export as well.

We have a brief description on how to use IOM Scheduler with the Connectors here in our user guide.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you,
Omatic Software
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