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Version compatibility

I'm running IOM (I know, I'm way behind).


I'm about to upgrade Raiser's Edge from 7.91 to 7.93.  Are there any known issues there with IOM


I'm aware I can upgrade IOM, and I likely will before long, but in the mean time is there anything about which I particularly need to worry?



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Evan, from a version compatibility perspective you should be fine. And here is where I would normally plead with you to upgrade to take advantage of all the great enhancements and fixes we've added since that version, however... I'm happy to tell you that IOM 3 is being launched in July (with a community tech preview release next month), and it's got some really cool stuff, so if you only update every few years or so, you might want to wait until July. I think it will be worth your while though!



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