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participant registrants who may be in the event as invited

I am wondering how to run an participant import in which participants in the data file may or may not already be listed in the event as invited.

So someone may be listed in the event as invited, register through our website, end up in the data file to be imported so they can be marked as registered, a fee paid, etc.

There could be others in the data file that were not invited and therefore do not already have participant records in the event but are registering.

Is there a way to add in new participants, create constituent records for them and also mark existing participants as registered all through the same import?

Import o matic will dedupe against existing constituents but will it dedupe existing participants already in the event record?

Hi, Joshua,

Raiser's Edge doesn't allow the same constituent be on an event more than once, and yes, Import-O-Matic will match to existing participants in the event during an import, provided they are mapped as participants and the Event ID is provided and mapped.

To create a Constituent Record for your new Participants, you would include the field Participant ---> Participant is a Constituent and have the value of "yes" in your data file for the rows that are new. To mark the existing Participants as Registered, you would include Participant ---> Registration and have the value of "Registered" in your data file.

If you need more in-depth assistance with your event import, please contact support:


Tiffany - that is not exactly true. There is a business rule setting which organizations can check which will allow for multiple registrations for one constituent to the same event. If this is checked, how will IOM respond?

Great question! This can quickly get into the weeds, so please feel free to call support if you need us to walk through this process further! If the constituent is found via deduplication/ID match then it will then look for that person to already exist on the Event. If it does, then it will update it. If it does not find that record as a participant it will create a new one. If it finds that constituent multiple times on the event (and the participant import ID was not specified) then it will make the record an exception because it can't determine which participant record should be updated.

Hope this answers your question!
Following on from this, we are actually looking to register the same constituent multiple times for one event, using the feature in Raiser's Edge 'Allow multiple constituent registration', the way we have attempted to work around this is to create the additional participations as 'Non-Constituent' participant records. That will then result in 2 participant records, one linked to the constituent and one not. The problem is when we then attempt to link that 'Non-Constituent' participant to the original constituent (even with both the constituent and participant import ID's specified in the import) it does not link the participation to the constituent, it actually doesn't give an error even when the option 'Participant is a Constituent' value is set to TRUE.

Is there something we are missing, at the moment we are looking at linking them using standard import but for obvious reasons this solution would not be practical to hand over to our users, also we were hoping to match to the original constituent without the Constituent Import ID in the file.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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