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RG Amendment Notepad


Could someone please clarify for me where the RG Amendment Notepad maps to in RE?

Is it the Notes field in the RG Amendment? Is it a specific notepad on the RG Gift?

We are looking to build an import that will update existing RG gifts with new payment details, a notepad, possibly a change of amount, and change gift Status and Status Date.   I would like to know where this notepad will map to as I thought it went to Amendments but it looks like it may go somewhere else?



RG Amendment Notepad – Type

RG Amendment Notepad - Type fields map directly to their specified field without any manipulation or changes from the source file.  Any Table Entry fields will abide by the Table Entry rule set in configuration.


Hi Erin,

The notepad will import to the miscellaneous tab on the RG.

If you would prefer to import to the Notes field on the actual amendment, you would map to Record Type = RG Amendment and Value Type = Notes.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you,
Omatic Software
Thanks so much Amanda.

Could you also confirm, can we may an RG Status change in the Amendment import? my colleage looked at it the other day and said he couldnt find the field in the mapping.


Hi Erin,

What version of IOM are you running? We added RG Gift Status in version 3.0. You can find the latest version (3.2.2) here to update.


Thank you,
Omatic Software

Thanks so much Amanda, we are testing 3.2.2 at the moment, so will roll that out asap.
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