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Regular Expression to read the first three characters of an 11 character field

Hi Chaps


We are running IOM version (I know this is an older version, but we haven’t had time to upgrade as yet).


My question is this. I have a field with 11 characters in it. It would be great if I could get a regular expression to read the first three characters of the field and use it to dictionary the fund the gift is to go towards.


For example reference TGJ00001123 to go to fund 12050, but reference WSH00001123 to go to fund 13664.


Is this possible? I have looked online, however this is way outside my field of knowledge, and I am not sure I even understood the answers, so basic step by step instructions would be really appreciated!


From there, is there a way to get regex to read the first two numbers of a date field and use them in a virtual field? Or is that ridiculously complicated?


Many thanks



For the first one:


For the second it depends on the date format but something like this should work


Many thanks Wayne, this has worked wonderfully!
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