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Display order of import profiles in import drop down list

Hello - basic question here: is it possible to change the display order of the profiles in the Import drop down list? It looks like it always shows them in descending order of creation, which not helpful when you're building up a set of related import profiles over time.

In the Configuration screen, you can sort them by any of the columns, although that setting does not seem to stick - if you go out and then back in to Configuration, it's reverted to the default order of descending time of creation.

Is there an enhancement request list somewhere that I can check to see if this is on there? I've tried searching the forums and Google, but there weren't any useful links in the first couple of pages of search results.


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Hi David,

We do have an existing suggestion to be able to move and organize profiles in IOM. You can find it on our UserVoice site here.

We currently have it under review. Once you add a vote to the idea, you will be notified of our progress.

Thank you,
Omatic Software

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