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Marital Status Dictionary Help


I'm having some difficulties with a regular expression dictionary that takes certain martial status' and changes them to a blank so that they are not imported into Raiser's Edge. The dictionary works smoothly for Engaged (it takes Engaged and turns it into a blank), however, it does not work for Legally (Not Separated) [when I do the test, it just gives me back Legally (Not Separated)]. 

My guess would be this is occurring because of the parenthesis in the name, but I'm not really sure.

Does anyone have any advice or know how I can fix this issue?


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Hi Karen,

If all you are matching are those two values then I don't think that you need to have regular expressions activated.

Try unchecking "Use Regular Expressions" and see if it works.

If you do need to use regular expressions then you will have to "escape" the parentheses with a backslash.
ex:Legally \(Not Separated\)
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