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Update Relationship Assigned Solicitor Type and Date To

We have to make a change with an assigned solicitor for a number of constituent records.  We need to change/update the Solicitor Type and Date To fields.  Can this easily be done with IOM?

I see that there is the ability to match on solicitor in the profile editor:



But when trying to select a name field in the profile one is not available.  If there were one available would this then update all entries for the constituent where the solicitors name was present?



Please advise on the best way tackle this.  

The solicitor name cannot be used because it is not unique to the solicitor's RE record. You have to provide the solicitor import ID, constituent ID, system ID, or RE user name. All of those link directly to the Solicitor RE record so they can be used.
For your second question I believe it will only update the first instance of the solicitor on the constituent record (but I could be wrong).
Great. Both of these answers were helpful. I didn't test the theory to your second post, but I was going to ask if this IOM profile would update all instances where a solicitor's name was listed as an assigned solicitor. I guess that question is still "unanswered" but not relevant for this scenario.

Thank you.
Hi Jeffrey,

Wayne is right - if the same solicitor is assigned twice to a constituent, it updates the first one.

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