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Dictionary Formula



Is there a formula I can use to create a dictionary for -

If a column in my file has either numbers or letters then to give it a 'Yes' for a preference and if the column is blank to give it a 'No'.




Hi Steve, try this post RegEx formula for finding any non-blank value:

You can then add another dictionary match for (just leave it empty) and translate it to "No".

Hi Jeffrey,


Thank you for you reply but unfortunately that didn't seem to work.


I basically have a column in my file which consists of different telephone numbers as well as blank cells.


So anyone who has given me a number in that column will need a YES (to contact them) and the blank fields will need a NO (to not contact them).



Hi Steve,


We'd need some more information to be able to help. Did you test the dictionary entries you set up to see if they worked with the data you are importing? What were the test results?



Hi Jeff,

I managed to sort it now using (^$)|(\s+$)

Thank you very much with your time and assistance here

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