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RegEx Help: Translate Gift Amount (by range) into Letter Code

We would like to translate the gift amount (by dollar range) into specific letter codes.  For example:


Gift Amount $1.00 - $1000 = General Thank You Letter

Gift Amount $1001 - $5000 = Special Thank You Letter

Gift Amount > $5001 = Major Donor Thank You Letter


Can RegEx be used to identify ranges like this??


Thank you!



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Hello stranger, long time!   :)

Technically you ~can~ use RegEx to figure out numeric levels, but as RegEx is meant for text and not numbers, it gets hairy quick (here's a glimpse if you're brave:


A much better solution is using ImportOmatic's API. Given a profile like this small sample:


You could create a Virtual Field to be the Letter Code and create a function like this to determine the value based on Column C (gift amount):



Here's the code in text form, hope this helps!





Public Function ComputedColumn_635918705544961467( _

ByVal oField as ImportOM.API.iField, _

ByVal Cancel As ImportOM.API.iCancel) As String

'This function must return a text value

Dim sReturn As String = ""

Select Case True

Case val(ofield.Value)

sReturn = "copper"

Case val(ofield.Value) >= 1000 And val(ofield.Value)

sReturn = "silver"

Case val(ofield.Value) >= 5000

sReturn = "gold"

End select

Return sReturn

End Function    

Thanks Jeff!  This is great!


Hope all is well :)



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