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Updating Address via IOM

Was hoping someone could help and explain the issue below?

Note: We are running V2.4.2 (pretty behind but awaiting an RE upgrade before we go ahead with IOM Upgrade) - maybe this issue has been fixed in subsequent versions?


In the "Addresses" settings, I recently tried to use the updated address tick "Always add new address (added as preferred" address unless specified in field map; main constituents only)" instead of "Calculate address similarity score..." and having to manually accept all address changes. 

However, having this option ticked doesn't update the old address properly using the settings in the "New Preferred Address" settings - we like to have the "Date To" added, as well as setting the type to "Previous", and adding a "Date From" in the new address.

Is there a setting I'm missing that this doesn't work properly? Ticking this option makes for a faster import, as I don't have to verify updating the address (the data is from Telemarketing, so has been verified with the donor).


Hi Erin,

That issue has been fixed in a later version of IOM so once you are able to upgrade to the latest you should be all set.




Thanks Sue
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