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Soft credits to gift imports

I am trying to soft credit gifts when importing over our event registrations to the team records in RE.  I see that the way to do this in importomatic is add the constituent ID to the data file.  However, since I'm pulling from an outside source (FAF) the const. id will not be included in the excel file.  I will only have the team name and a lot of these teams will be new and not in RE yet.  Is there another way to soft credit gifts to a team other than const id.  Maybe by searching by team name?

Hi Stephanie - did you ever figure this out?

My understanding is that you will need to split your import into two profiles.

In the first profile, you import the team records and event registrations into RE; in the Output --> Files setting, you tick the checkbox for "Include the Import ID of all matched Constituents in the output file". When you run an import using this profile, IOM will create a new file with the Import IDs of everything it has created or matched in RE as the first column of a new file.

You use this file for your second import profile to create the gifts and soft credit them to the constituent with the Import ID in the first column.

I've seen this work in a training session with a Blackbaud consultant and am trying to do this now myself with another set of files.
Hi Stephanie - were those gifts from Sphere FAF? When you say "soft credit gifts to a team" do you mean that you've created a Constituent record for every team, with the only unique(ish) value being the team name? Either way, did you get the soft credit data flowing correctly?

Hi David - that sounds right to me, let us know if you run into any roadblocks.

Thank you so much for your help! Yes, these gifts are from FAF and a record is created for each unique 5K team. However, for new teams they do not have a const id or record yet until I run them through a separate import. I haven't been able to figure the soft credits out yet but I will try this suggestion. Currently my import brings over the gift details and creates batches for me. If I follow this process what would the first import be doing? Would I need to remove the option to create a batch and then have this second import create the gifts and soft credits to the team at the same time?
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