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RegEx to keep timestamp, remove date

I want to keep the timestamp from my Gift Date field, to add as a Gift Attribute.  I know how to remove the timestamp from the date, but does anyone know how to remove the date from the timestamp instead?


For example:

Original Value: 01/01/2015 12:00:00

Value to keep: 12:00:00




How are you removing the timestamp from the date?

I think I would just do something like:
Value to replace:.* (.*)
Replace with: $1

Value to replace (because it's hard to read here) is: period star space left-paren period star right-paren
Hi Wayne - we are using the following regular expression: (?
Thanks so much for your feedback.

what value is replaced by that? It kind of just looks like it is finding 4 consecutive numbers.

This is what we have:

Replacement Value: --Blank--

Values to match on: (?





Hi Wayne - We currently have the following:

3/10/2015 10:52

After using the --Blank-- for the Replacement Value and (?


Hope this helps.





ah, I get it.

So what that is doing currently is looking for anything after 4 consecutive numbers and replacing that with blank.

Did you try what I originally suggested? Does it work?
Unfortunately, your first suggestion did not work. When I test it, it gives me the same data I put in. It does not take anything out.

Do you have any other suggestions?

This should work for you.
Replacement Value: Blank
Value to match on: [0-9]{1,2}/[0-9]{1,2}/[0-9]{4}(?= *.)

It will leave a leading space in the time which I'm sure could be removed by adjusting the regex. IOM removes leading and trailing spaces anyway so it won't be an issue.
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