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Where is my output file?

Hi there - new to RE and IOM.

A Blackbaud consultant demonstrated to us in training the feature in Output --> Files of ticking the checkbox "Include the Import ID of all matched or added Constituents in the output file", which created a new file with that Import ID in the first column.

I am now trying to apply this to a new import profile that imports constituents and gifts into a batch, but even though I have checked this box and the import runs successfully, I can't find the output file: the input file is unchanged and there isn't any new files in the same folder as the input file, so I just don't know where it's gone, or if I'm missing something really obvious here.

I've searched the Knowledgebase and the Forums with no luck - does anyone have any suggestions?

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Hi David,

Welcome to RE and IOM land! The destination folder for output files can be set in IOM --> General Settings, or that value can be overridden on a per-profile basis in:
Profile --> Output --> Files --> "Location for Error/Exception files:"

Here is the help link for this subject:

Let us know if that doesn't solve it.

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