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Constituent Name Data Type field not translating properly

Hello, I have a gift attribute where the description field is Data Type Constituent Name. When I import gifts with the attribute, I use the Constituent Import ID to identify the ORG record that needs to go in that field for that gift. It works fine except for one record. This record has Import ID and Constituent ID of 8848. The name of the record is PGE. When I import gifts with 8848 as the Constituent Import ID, it returns the record 'Smith, Jay'. There is a record in our database for Jay Smith, but neither his Constituent ID or Import ID contains any part of 8848. I've tested a few other records that have the same 4 digit Constituent ID and Constituent Import ID, and they all translate properly. Also, PGE and Jay Smith have no relationships or aliases to each other. Can you help me figure out what's going on here? Thanks!  Nanette 
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Yes! Wayne, thank you, Jay Smith's System Record ID is 8848. But the thing is, for all the other records, I've been using the Cons Import ID, which on those records is not the same as their System Record ID, and they all translate properly. This does give me a clue though, before importing other gifts, to examine the Cons ID, Cons Import ID, and System Record ID, to assure that there are no cross-pollination type opportunities. Thanks very much, Nanette


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