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How to get "Automatically soft credit this individual for gifts" box checked


We recently started matching to non-constituent spouse records (records that show up with the pair of rings in IOM) and having these non-constituent spouse records promoted to be full constituents and soft credited for their spouse's gifts. We thought it was great that there was an option to soft credit all existing gifts automatically when the spouse record was promoted, however, we discovered today that while all existing gifts are soft credited, the "Automatically soft credit this individual for gifts" checkbox is NOT checked on either of the now linked spouses' records, which means that any future gifts made by one spouse or the other won't be automatically soft credited to the other.

Is there any way in O-Matics to set the "Automatically soft credit this individual for gifts" checkbox to be checked when a non-constituent spouse record is promoted to full? I'm afraid a lot of these spouses aren't going to get soft credited on future gifts if this box isn't checked to have them automatically pull into gifts made by the other spouse.


Hi Karen,

Currently ImportOmatic does not have the functionality to check the "Automatically soft credit this individual for gifts" when spouses are promoted.  However that is a great idea, and I would encourage you to post it on our User Voice



Thanks for letting me know, John. I will do that.
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