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Need some help with Regex in Dictionary

Hello.  I am importing a data file that was initially written for a standard RE Import and has /n for a hard return.  In the data file, our address line 1 and address line 2 fields are merged with /n between them.  Is there a way I can write Regex to eliminate all data prior to and including the /n ?


A couple examples of the data are below:

Example #1:  123 Vine Street/n 123 Vine Street Suite 1

Example #2:  1800 Summerville/n 1800 Summerville Apt #22


I would like to keep everything after the /n except the space before the address.  Is this possible in Regex or do I have to use API?


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I have resolved this issue. If anyone has a similar scenario, let me know and I can share the solution.
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