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Matching on Alias

We have to import records with a unique identifier.

We can go about this in a couple of ways:

  1. 1) Import the unique identifier as a Constituent ID
  2.     a: Issues here: the unique identifier conflict with our already established Constituency Codes - so we'd have to do a number of global changes to our database to those ID's it would impact
  3. 2) Import the unique identifier as an Alias with a fitting alias type
  4.     a: Issue here: we're not sure ImportOmatic matches to Alias? Is it just as seamless as Constituent ID?


  1. What are your thoughts and what would you recommend?

We use the alias for several of our imports and it works great.
That's great news!
If we don't have to restructure our Constituent ID's to make this import work, we're much better off I think.
FYI, we matched to alias using the match-add option. We use the alias as a unique identifier and it lives on non-constituent relationships as well. With the change in the alias matching, our whole graduate import has failed and now I'm forced to figure out how to work around this issue. Basically, when matching to the non-constituent relationship it updates the data within the relationship. This is great except we are trying to promote them to constituents and there isn't an option for this. If I turn of the match-add and only add, then I'm creating duplicate records. An import that took us a few hours to complete is now taking days because of all the issues we are having.
Hi Shalena,

Just to clarify for everyone else's sake, IOM has never had the functionality to promote non constituent records with the exception of spouse records. The Alias match is working how it's supposed to but there is not option to promote matches based on that match.
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