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Rounding in API


I have a custom function in API to round GPA to 2 decimal positions.  Our data comes in as one of the following:




My format works perfectly for 4 and 3.987 (returns 4.00 and 3.99) but it will not add a zero to 3.8 and return 3.80.  This is my code:

    Public Function ComputedColumn_635820736041191577( _
                ByVal oField as ImportOM.API.iField, _
                ByVal Cancel As ImportOM.API.iCancel) As String
        'This function must return a text value
        Dim sReturn As String
         Dim sGPA As String
            sReturn = import.fields.GetByExcelName ("AN").Value
            sGPA = Format (sReturn,"Fixed")
        Return sGPA
    End Function

I've also tried Format (sReturn, "0.00) to no avail.  The weird thing is when I test the data in my profile it returns 3.80 but this does not import to RE correctly.

Any ideas?



Try this for formatting

sReturn = Strings.FormatNumber(sReturn, 2, TriState.False, TriState.False, TriState.False)

Reference here:
Thanks for the code Wayne but that didn't work either. Maybe RE is rounding it back to 1 decimal because when I run it through the code test in importOmatic it works but does not in a real import. Thanks again for your help.
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