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Direct Raiser's Edge integration for DonorDrive with ImportOmatic 3!

This summer we launched ImportOmatic 3 which allows for direct integration with various 3rd party systems, one of which is DonorDrive. We recently updated the ImportOmatic Connector for DonorDrive to:

  • Integrate any and all data from DonorDrive into Raiser’s Edge
  • Completely eliminate spreadsheets from your import process
  • Handle both Individual & Organization records in one combined process
  • Automate the integration between DonorDrive & Raiser’s Edge

For ImportOmatic clients that use DonorDrive, this means that ImportOmatic will now save you even more time! Check out this blog for examples of manual steps that you may be doing today that the Connector eliminates. 

Contact to learn more and get started with direct integration!
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