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Gift Batches

Hello everyone,


So I created a test gift batch that lives in RE and named it 6/23/2015 TEST BATCH, and after that I created an import file that contained (the Donor Name, Amount, Gift Date, Pay method etc.) and made sure that the Batch Number living in RE has the same name in my import file. 

After mapping all the fields, I sent the file into importomatic and instead of sending it to the 6/23/2015 TEST BATCH template, the gifts go straight into the donor record. 


I was wondering if there were a way to import the records straight into the batch so that I can print a validation report to get it reviewed, and then commit them myself.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you,


Hi Greg,

You do not need to create a batch first, or supply a batch number in your import file. Just go into your import profile settings, go to the Gifts section, and check the box that says "Import gifts to a batch", then you should be all set.


Thank you, Jeff! I see the option now. 

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