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Regular Expression Dictionary using multiple conditions

Hello, I am in need of developing a Regular Expression Dictionary that can handle multiple conditions.  Can anyone provide some insight to how to do this?

If Appeal = XXX and Gift Code = XXX, update Package to XXX.



Hi Pam,

Unfortunately one of the limitations of dictionaries is that they can only take one column as input. If you can combine those two columns before the import then you could build a dictionary to translate the combination into a package ID.

Another option is to use a custom function to combine the two columns before running the dictionary on it.
Thanks Wayne. I'm also wondering if we should be using Enhanced Package / Appeal Processing with an Excel file vs The RE Appeal.
The way that the Enhanced Processing works is by keying off of one value in the import to indicate the others. It can not key off of multiple columns as it seems like you would like to do.

Hi Pam,

This could be easily handled with the ImportOmatic API module if you happened to know (or know anyone that knows) a little bit of Visual Basic. Omatic does customizations as well, if you prefer to go that route. Barring that, as Wayne mentioned, you might be able to concatenate the Appeal and Gift Code columns into a new column in Excel before importing, then apply a dictionary to that single column.




Thank you so much Wayne and Jeff. We do have a staff member who is experienced with API and also understands RegEx. He has been able to find a way to Concatenate inside of IOM and we have been able to make this work without having to concatenate outside of IOM. It's actually very nice how it works. I appreciate your assistance and look forward to sharing more about our solution.
That's great!
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