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Need help with Duplicate Criteria

I'm not sure if I have my settings wrong or if this is just not possible. 

Here is the issue:

Trying to import "Cynthia P McCarthy at 123 Main St, Boston, MA with a DOB of 11/1/1975" but she is matching up to "Cynthia McCarthy at 697 Washington St, Salem, MA with a DOB of 8/27/1956"

So I am stuck with an exception requiring user interaction here.  30% of my exceptions in a 10,000+ file are due to situations like this.  

How do I set the import profile to NOT see these as duplicates? 

I am beginning to think I have my criteria set very high.  Perhaps the first 3 digits of zip code (most of these files are from the same geographical area which have similar zip codes).  Maybe I'm confusing the difference between duplicate criteria and auto-pick.  






Here is a screen shot of my Auto-Pick criteria



Hi Melissa,

Your duplicate criteria sets look good to me. You could increase the zip code from 3 to 5 and see if that helps. That likely did come up as a possible match due to the zip. I wouldn't recommend making it too tight because then you run the risk of creating duplicates.

Do you have a screen shot of the duplicate match screen for Cynthia? We could look at the auto-pick options and see if we can make an adjustment there.

Thank you,
Omatic Software

Thanks, Amanda.


I'm going to edit this post once this is resolved to remove personal information.  


Edit to remove screen shot


This one came up as a possible match because of your name-only duplicate criteria. I would recommend keeping this criteria set selected, because it helps prevent duplicates from being accidentally created. However, if you know that these should be new records or that the data, such as birthday or the zip, will match up for existing records then you could uncheck that duplicate set. My recommendation at that point would be do run a smaller test file, maybe 50 or 100 and see how the matching looks there.

I also edited your previous post for you.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you,
Omatic Software
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