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Tracking Peer to Peer Fundraising

Hi everyone:


I wanted to survey the group and see how we're tracking peer-to-peer fundraising in Raiser's Edge, both as events (eg. sponsoring a particular runner) and friends & family campaigns. Right now our database uses a mish-mash of various methods, including the solicitor fields on gifts, tribute records for birthday parties, specific appeals for specific fundraisers, the events tab for events we run, soft credits, and a table of names in a gift attribute field.


I'm hoping to standardize into one consistent approach for any gift that was solicited by a constituent. We're hoping for something that could be imported cleanly with IOM from our online portal (Frontstream) and also not be too labour intensive for offline manual entry. There's also some interest in having the gift detail easily accessible from the fundraiser's record, as opposed to running reports. There seem to be quite a few approaches to this (and we seem to use all of them!). I'm hoping you can share what's worked for you and what hasn't.


Many thanks,


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