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Regex default Primary Salutation

Hello. I currently have a Dictionary that applies a default (to a virtual field during import) to the Addressee Primary Salutation field. I am wondering if I can use this same dictionary to use a different format if the title is absent? 

Current Dictionary is: Value to Match on: ^.+$ 

Replacement Value: 16 

I would like the Replacement Value to be 51 if the title field is blank. 


Hello Pam!

Try using --Blank-- as your value to match on and 51 as your replacement value. Let me know if that works!


ps. Hope you are well :)

Well hello Tina.  So good to see a name I recognize :)   I am working in IOM again and unfortunately the -- BLANK -- was not successful.


The challenge I am facing is our donation form doesn't require a title to be entered so when our data file is delivered to import, the title field is missing.  Which then causes the Primary Salutation to only populate last name with the #16 formatting.  


Data may look like this:

Title, fname, lname

Mr, Dennis, Miller

,Sue, Woodward

,Bill, Murray

Mrs., Terri, Blakeslee


For the top and bottom records, I would want #16 format and the two middle, I would want #51.


I think you can copy over the title field and use the same dictionary, that way it will either be 16 or blank. Then set 51 as the default salutation in the IOM Profile Settings (under Constituents) or set up a default set with 51 as the salutation.

Then it should apply 16 to those with a title and then the default to those without a title.
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