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Records with different birthdates and ssn are matching

Is there a setting in Import-O-Matic that would allow us to consider records with a matching date of birth and/or ssn to be considered an exact match instead of using name and address information?

We would definitely have a use for this matching information as well, but I believe it is not currently an option.
Hi Guys,

You can match on SSN currently... it treats it more like a Constituent ID than an individual duplicate criteria though (meaning that it will match up directly to a single match rather than showing the duplicate matching form or anything). If birth date were added to the auto-pick criteria, what combination of fields would you want, "First name, Last name, and Birth date"? No promises, but we can certainly look into it.


Hi Jeff,

How do we set it up to match on SSN currently? I think First name, Last Name, Birth date would work as long as SSN was an assumed "primary" match. Does that make sense?
Hi Bridget,

If you provide the SSN as a column in your profile, Import-O-Matic automatically uses it as an individual duplicate criteria. There are no additional settings that need to be applied to make this happen. Please let us know if you have additional questions.


Great, thank you Callie.

I was wondering if there has been any development on matching with DOB? It would be really beneficial to us if the duplicate matching could include this.

Apologies if this has been picked up elsewhere but I wasn't able to find any other references to this on the forums.

Hi Claire,

We haven't yet added an auto-pick option that includes birthday. However, in version 3.0, due out in a few weeks, we do have search and similarity score improvements, which includes birthday. Be sure and subscribe to the ImportOmatic Updates forum so you'll be alerted when we release the next version.

Thank you,
Omatic Software
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