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Splitting source data field into two fields depending on criteria

Hello all,


I have an issue where my source data has a field of Main Phone which contains both mobile (beginning with 04 or 614) and landline (beginning with 08 or 618).  I need to be able to split Mobile numbers into phone type Mobile Phone and landline into Home Phone instead of a generic Main Phone (very messy).  Is there a way of doing an If Then Else type rule to allow this split within the profile?

Hi Debbie,

Just thinking out loud, my first idea would be to use a virtual field to copy from the phone number field. Then I would map this virtual field to Phone Type. Finally, I would apply a RegEx dictionary to it such that if the value starts with "04" or "614" it replaces the whole value with "Mobile", otherwise it replaces the whole value with "Landline" (or whatever that phone type is). Haven't tried it so can't say there isn't a rub in there, but that would be my first stab at it.


Hi Jeff,

That could work actually. Because it's two separate phone types I would imagine i'd need to do a separate v field for Home Phone and Mobile, with a dictionary for one blanking out mobiles and leaving home numbers, and a separate dictionary to do the opposite for the other.
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