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iModules Events with guests

Has anyone built a template to load in registration information from IModules with their guest registration information on the Registrant record in RE?  That doesn't sound very clear.  We have our reunion event set up in iModules and the reports/files show what the guests are attending as line items instead of just on the participant record.  So, if Sally is registering for breakfast, lunch, and the banquet and bringing along Jane for the banquet, the units would be Sally has the three events and Jane has one.  Is there a way to build the import so Jane will show up as a guest of Sally and Sally's units include Jane's registration?



We have ended up splitting the file into 2 parts. One with the primary registrants and another file with the guests. Within the primary file, we map the participant fees as needed for their registration and create the gift batch. After importing the primary file, then we add the import id's for the primary registrants to a column in the guest file. and import those using a second profile. It's a little messy but it works for us. There isn't a clean way to add the guest of information during import when there is no guarantee what order the registrants will come from iModules in. Have been looking for a better solution but so far no luck.
Thanks! I'll keep working on it! When the events are set up with Activities in imodules, the units come over on the guest record instead of the primary registrant. That's my big challenge because the money is on the primary registrant, so it looks like the guests haven't paid.
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