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employee coding

I am looking for guidance on how to globally update employee coding in our database. I work for a large healthcare organization with 10,000+ employees, and our employee coding is... well, it's ancient.  

Our current system:

employees have an Employee constituent code (we do not date our constituent codes)

employees also have an attribute designating their entity


What I need to know how to do is:

When running the annual employee update (shortly before our employee campaign begins), I need to be able to add the Employee code and the Entity attribute if it's not already there, but just as importantly REMOVE the code if they are not in the list sent by HR (they will still have the attribute showing that they were an employee.)


I am still fairly new to ImportOmatic so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Julie,

Here's what I would do:

I would first create a query of everyone who currently has the Employee constituent code.

Next when you set up your import profile, go to Constituents. When you leave the constituent code option to "Update selected" it will not add a new constituent code if the record already has one. If you would like the entity attribute to be updated if it's already on the record, leave the option to "Update" as is. If you would like the value in RE to remain, choose to "Ignore".



Next go to Output--> Queries and select to create queries for added and modified constituents.

Now import your file.

After you finish importing, go to RE:Query. Merge the two output queries together with the AND operator. You should really only need the modified query for the next step, but it doesn't hurt to add those who were added new as well. Now merge that query you just created with the query you created earlier for those who already had the constituent code. This time use the SUB operator:


Use this query to export the constituent ID.

Create a new profile using the file of constituent IDs. Go to Virtual Fields and right click to create a new virtual field. Map as:

Field Name = -Employee
Record Type = Constituent - Constituent Code
Value Type will be grayed out
Function = Static Field (field name)

Note the dash in front of the word Employee


Go to Constituents and select to "Use Solicit/Constituent Code removal character ("-") to remove existing codes".

Import the exported file. This will remove the constituent code from the records that had it, but weren't on the list from HR.

I'd recommend creating a few test records and trying this out on a small scale first.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,
Omatic Software

Wow, thank you!!!!
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