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Yes/No Dictionary based on whether a field is blank or not

Hi all,

We need to build a dictionary to automate the No Valid Address and Send Mail flags based on whether the Address lines are blank or not.

We want to apply this to a Virtual field that copies the Address line

Example for NVA

Replacement Value | Values to Match on

Yes | syntax to determine if address line is blank, we tried (-BLANK-)  and is not working

No | syntax to determine if address line is not blank we tried (.*) and is no working either

Hi Ailen,

You will need to use a Regular Expression (RegEx) for this type of dictionary.

Try using this as your Value To Match On for the YES Replacement Value (check the box to Use Regular Expressions). You will no longer need a "No" Replacement Value, as that's the default for those fields in RE

Value to Match On:


That is a generic "not blank" statement, and it doesn't work in every situation, but it works in most. At the very least, it's a jumping off point. :-)



Hi Tiffany,

Thanks for the input! The no-blank works but we still need a expression for blank, because if the address line is blank we want the NVA check box to be a value of Yes.

Do you know what is the expression for blank



Ailen, since in a Raiser's Edge checkbox field a "Yes" means "check the box" and a "No" means "don't check the box" (which is the default) you simply do not need to specify the "No" value in the dictionary, just the "Yes". Try this - highlight the "No" value on the left and hit the delete key on your keyboard to remove it from the dictionary. You just need the "Yes" on the left, with the "-BLANK-" on the right (regular expressions turned off). The issue you are seeing is b/c that awesome expression of "^.+$" just doesn't play nice with other entries sometimes, and you may be able to just avoid using it to get the intended result. The blank address line should result in a check in the desired box, and an actual address should result in the box NOT being checked (the RE default). The only problem I predict is that since you are copying the address lines to determine the checkbox result, the actual addresses coming in as a "No" may confuse RE. In that case, just use this dictionary to first process the people without a valid address and let the exceptions catch the others. In a second pass, process those exceptions but switch the dictionary off and import the leftovers. Give that a try and let us know if that works for you.

-Allison B.
Allison, I'm new to this and a bit confused. If I want the dictionary to check the box (Yes) if someone is deceased based on the field having data in it I need to use ^.+$ and at the same time I don't need a replacement value of No, correct?
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