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Alias match/add question

Question, please!


If I am importing new records (or records I believe to be new), and the ID number I'm trying to match or add is "123"  will it ONLY match to "123" or will it also match to "1234"?  We are matching on alias. 


I just noticed if I look up 123 (as a constituent ID) using Find O Matic, it is also showing me records that are "1234" "1235" "1236", etc (being pulled from their alias.  


I want to be sure that IOM isn't looking at these IDs in the same way that FOM is looking at them.  


Background:  Several of our records got botched somehow (aliases getting added to wrong records) and I'm trying to research the cause and prevent it from happening again. 


Thanks for your help!


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Hi Melissa,

No, matching on Alias in IOM is not like FOM. 1234 will not come up as a possible match when 123 is in the file.

Were the aliases added to records that we very similar to the records in your file? If so, did you have auto-pick based on similarity score turned on? Perhaps the score was too low and auto-picked to those records.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you,
Omatic Software
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