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Advanced Address Processing


We are importing employment data to existing constituents.  We are having an issue with organizations that we already have in RE as full constituents.  The record matching form comes up and we select "Match to Existing Record" if appropriate but then the Advanced Address Processing form comes up and if we select Update Selected it replaces the import address with the main address on the org's constituent record.  We have some employers who have various addresses and we want the employee's business address to come from the import file and add it to the org's constituent record as an alternate address.

We would select "Add As Is" from the Advanced Processing form but this button is greyed out (the Add With Edits button is also greyed out).

Does anyone have any ideas?



Hi Lisa,

Thank you for joining me during Office Hours yesterday.

The solution we found was to do a two-pass import.

The first pass imports the individuals with their organization relationship (leaving the org's address set to Ignore).
The second pass imports the individuals with their organization relationships, but this time we have the address mapped and choose to "Update selected" in the Advanced Address Processing Screen. This updates the address on the relationship record while leaving the org's address as is on the organization's constituent record.

Omatic Software

Yes - it worked perfectly!! Thanks Amanda.
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