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Required Field Missing: Solicit Code Error Message

I am getting the following error messages for an import of gifts from Line 17: Required Field Missing:  Solicit Code [Object: 'CConstituentSolicitCode', PK: '-1', Field: 'Solicit Code', Value: ''] -->BBREAPI.CRecordClass.Save()-->#=qNVsyKP53BAGO1fHx87sZftHxa3ycdgBLYA5VfzRzI$w=.#=q8kdQkipNOO9V0eW3Ij7cA2eQt3OgQBP$XCujgKTfN74=()

This only occurs for Constituents who have not already been added to Raiser's Edge. Solicit Code is not a required field in our database though, so I'm confused as to why this would have an impact on the record importing to a gift batch.

Hey Casey, I will communicate with you on this issue via your open support case.


Hi Casey, did you receive a fix to this? I'm communicating with support at the moment but with EOM fast approaching I need to get this working again.
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