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IoM doesn't realise I'm importing Organisations

Hi guys,

I'm trying to import some organisations - I have the Org Name field matched, and I don't have first/last name matched.

It's trying to add the individual load defaults, then complaining about the first name being a required field.


So - how does IoM realise I am importing Organisations? Can I force it to?




Hi Bobby,

If the last name field is blank and org name field has a value, IOM will treat that row as an organization. Possible you have anything at all in the last name field? If not, can you share your field mapping? You can do this by right-clicking on the field mapping grid and choosing "Export to CSV".

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the reply. I only have the Org Name field mapped. The original .csv file has the field names 'first name' and 'last name' in it - would that make a difference? I didn't think so as they aren't mapped.

Here's my mapping

Virtual?,Column,Field Name,Record Type,Value Type,Group #,Dictionary,Function,Seed,Proper Cased?
"No","A","Constituent ID","Ignore","","","","-- NONE --","","No"
"No","B","Title 1","Ignore","","","","-- NONE --","","No"
"No","C","Surname","Ignore","","","","-- NONE --","","No"
"No","D","First Name","Constituent Field","Org Name","","","-- NONE --","","No"
"No","E","Gender","Ignore","","","","-- NONE --","","No"
"No","F","Spouse Name","Ignore","","","","-- NONE --","","No"
"No","G","Preferred Addresss Line 1","Constituent Address Field","Address","","","-- NONE --","","No"
"No","H","Preferred Addresss Line 2","Constituent Address Field","Address Line 2","","","-- NONE --","","No"
"No","I","Preferred Suburb","Constituent Address Field","Suburb","","","-- NONE --","","No"
"No","J","Preferred State","Ignore","","","","-- NONE --","","No"
"No","K","Preferred Postcode","Constituent Address Field","Postcode","","","-- NONE --","","No"
"No","L","Preferred Country","Constituent Address Field","Country","","","-- NONE --","","No"
"No","M","Preferred E-mail Number","Constituent Email - Address","E-mail","","","-- NONE --","","No"
"No","N","DE: Allgemei","Constituent Attribute - Description","Group EU2: Wichtige Informationen für Sie","","","-- NONE --","","No"
"No","O","Preferred Home Number","Constituent Phone - Number","Home","","","-- NONE --","","No"
"No","P","Preferred Mobile Number","Constituent Phone - Number","Mobile","","","-- NONE --","","No"
"No","Q","Preferred Business Number","Constituent Phone - Number","Business","","","-- NONE --","","No"
"No","R","Prefered Fax Number","Constituent Phone - Number","Fax","","","-- NONE --","","No"
"No","S","Relationships","Ignore","","","","-- NONE --","","No"
"No","T","Birth date","Ignore","","","","-- NONE --","","No"
"No","U","","Constituent Notepad - Type","","","","-- NONE --","","No"
"No","V","Description: Old DB Creation Date","Constituent Notepad - Description","Field U","","","-- NONE --","","No"
"No","W","","Constituent Notepad - Type","","","","-- NONE --","","No"
"No","X","Description: Old DB Comments","Constituent Notepad - Notes","Field W","","","-- NONE --","","No"
Hi Bobby,

I am sorry you are encountering a more complicated issue! In order to properly assist you with this particular issue, I will need to examine the following files: error.txt file, data file, and the IOM profile being used for this import. Please send these files to so that I can better assist you with your issue. When I have a resolution, I will post to this thread.

To send your IOM profile, please follow these steps:

* Go to IOM Configuration
* Highlight the name of the profile you are using
* Right click on it and choose to export
* Send the .xml file that is created
* It will be named in this fashion: IOM_Profile_Export_.xml

Omatic Software
E-Mail sent :) Thank you.
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