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Identify record as edited using Info Source

I am trying to use ImportOmatic to assist with demographic changes coming from out iModules Online Community.  We like to keep track of edited records by updating the Preferred Address Info Source and Valid Date From fields for any changes made that affect the BIO1 screen. This practice lets us easily capture the updated records that need to be re-sent to other software to keep our data synchronized, among other things.  

Is it possible to specifically access the Preferred Address Info Source and Valid Date From fields using ImportOmatic if I am not actually editing any of the Mailing address Lines?  As examples, my profile could have been editing the Constituent name or email.  I have tried setting up a separate profile just to edit the Info Source & Date From, and it says it runs, but it doesn't seem to actually make the changes.  Any advice?


Thank You,

Angie Gilbert

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Hi Angie,

Yes, this can be done. I tried importing info source and date from with and without the address and those fields were updated without updating the actual address lines.

In order to properly assist you with this particular issue, we would like to see the following: data file and the IOM profile being used for this import. Please send these files to so that we can better assist you with your issue. When I have a resolution, I will post to this thread.

To send your IOM profile, please follow these steps:

* Go to IOM Configuration
* Highlight the name of the profile you are using
* Right click on it and choose to export
* Send the .xml file that is created
* It will be named in this fashion: IOM_Profile_Export_.xml

Omatic Software
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