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RegEx for Date Format with AM/PM

Hello there. I am in need of some help with a RegEx that will convert the gift date from our Phonathon Vendor's pledge file to the correct date for a Batch in RE.

The date is formatted on the vendor's sheet as: 
4/15/2015  6:02:19 PM 


11/8/2014  10:45:05 AM


Importing them as-is is making RE do funny things with the date field. I'm stuck on how to build a dictionary to it to convert this type of date formatting to MM/DD/YYYY

Hi Amy, the RegEx to remove time stamp after a date is as follows:


Replacement Value                 Value to Match On

-BLANK-                             image


Keep up the good work!


Allison B.

Thanks for the quick response. For some reason this it is not working. Testing the dictionary returns the same value.



Amy, try copying and pasting the formula directly from this excel file into a brand new blank dictionary and restest: TIMESTAMP.xlsx


My results looked like this:



Let me know if you spot any differences in either the formula or incoming text (I tested with a single space and double space after the year).


Allison B.

Thank you! That did the trick exactly! Appreciate your assistance!
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