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Changing Alias Type (ValueType)

I have a patient profile where the first column is mapped to Constituent Alias - Add or Match with a valuetype of EPIC. In the profile, if the patient is under 18, we make the guarantor the constituent and the patient an Individual Relationship. I'd like to change the Alias ValueType if the person is under 18 when it is applied to the constituent (guarantor) to signify it's not their personal ID, but belongs to the guarantee.


Jonathan Meester

OSF Healthcare Foundation

Hi Jonathan! Unfortunately there is not an option to update the Alias Type in IOM currently. I would recommend adding a suggestion to the User Voice site for this. If you have an indicator the record is a guarantor record then you can globally update the field after import. The other option would be a customization. I actually have another client who is doing the same process as you and are using a customization to add the guarantor as the constituent if the birth date qualifies the patient to be under 18. Not sure if you have one already but it could potentially be tweaked to update the alias. Hope this helps!
Cheri Carver
Thanks Cheri,

We have the same customization based on birth date. I didn't think of adding it there. I'll go ahead and do that.

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