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Field is read only: Currency Country

Is anyone able to help with the below error for an RG Amendment import?

Line 2: Field is read only:  Currency Country [Object: 'CGift', PK: '-1', Import ID: '', Desc: '27/10/2015 Amendment $0.00 - Gail Anzani', Field: 'Currency Country', Value: 'AU'] -->System.ThrowHelper.ThrowInvalidOperationException(ExceptionResource resource)-->System.Nullable`1.op_Explicit(Nullable`1 value)-->#=qO9vYdosR2wX2l3rjmGdV1gJHcC$WLIGh0o_rgIrHU6E=.#=qXyJeYqfvjzD9TYYvl9KgMuK9FwzIEays5r4HAyj$aHQ=(CRecord #=qDSrRj2H4UNQpcLi2oauOaA==, IBBConstitUIHelper #=qlwvo7I5KH15fh2LeWiNDgg==, String[] #=qO15ofpFdfYCBIveDZqS58w==, Int32 #=q97R8nYXj_w1l2Dlvq5o66w==)-->#=qO9vYdosR2wX2l3rjmGdV1gJHcC$WLIGh0o_rgIrHU6E=.#=qP12LDdJr$e


I checked the previous post with the same heading, but our Process day "Schedule day of the moth" is correct.

The country field doesnt state it is read only in any way.

Until last week we could process this import fine - we updated recently to the newer version - and i was trying to change an import to be able to update a gift status, gift status date and add a cons code for our reactivation TM campaign.


Any help is appreciated?


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