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Address matching when record holds more than one of the same address

Hi all,

I might be missing something simple here but at the same time I may have read that this is a genuine issue for some people......

When running donation files in using IOM and the record has existing multiples of the same address (e.g preferred and alternate are the same), IOM always brings up Advanced Address Processing asking me which one I want to update even though the address match in the incoming data is 100% and the address doesn't need updating at all.  Where there is only one matching address on the record, IOM matches it and I do not have to intervene.

Any advice would be great!



I think there was something in the latest release to auto-pick the preferred address if it's 100% but I'm not sure.

Hi James,

As Wayne mentioned, we added the ability to auto-pick to the preferred address when multiple addresses meet or exceed the similarity score. This was added in version 2.7.0. If you need to update, you can find the latest version of ImportOmatic here.

In your profile, under Addresses you'll select to Update addresses that meet or exceed the Similarity Score and have the same city, state, ZIP with new address data and then If multiple addresses qualify, autopick based on address type or if one is preferred.


Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you,
Omatic Support

Ah, fantastic! Thanks both. :)
This is a question for Omatic folks on this topic... what do we do if we don't want to update all of the addresses above the similarity score threshold, but still want to skip the address processing form when something meets or exceeds the similarity score? We run into this frequently when we are importing lists where we only want to import the addresses that are different from our current records...
I am also curious abou Brad's question on May 6, 2015. If the address is a match, then why does IOM need to update it with the data in the file? This is causing Date From, Info Source and Type to potentilaly be compromised (required fields in my database, so required fields in my profile; I've tried putting them as Virtual Fields and Mapping Fields with same result). What selection should I make if I don't want the meets or exceeds addresses to be updated?
Hi Nicole,

Will you please send a screen shot of the Addresses area of your IOM profile?

When you see the advanced address processing screen, are there multiple addresses that meet or exceed the score?

Thank you,
Omatic Software
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